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What is hair loss?

Hairfall can never be "0"(zero), it can be minimised and it should be within the range of 0-100 hair daily in case of a normal adult human being. Any person losing hairs beyond this limit is tend develop bald patches. These patches start from the front from both the sides and further extends to the center of the head forming a "U" shape.

Reasons for Hairfall / Baldness

Major reasons for baldness is genetics i.e. a person is bald because of the his/her genes which he derives from his ancestors. In case of males if paternal ancestors have a bald head , this is referred as genetic baldness. Similarly in case of females mostly the maternal ancestors define the genetic baldness.
Besides genetics, factors like protein deficiency also lead to baldness which is also a major reason for baldness and major hair-loss. Many other factors like chemical treatments (rebounding, coloring, hair packs) may also sometimes lead to hair fall if not done properly. Sometimes medical treatments for Thyroid, Cancer also lead to hair-fall and baldness.

How to cure BALDNESS?

Stopping hair-fall and growth of new hair is not a overnight process it takes time and also a lot of dietary measures. The process is to first control the hair-fall and bringing it to advised limit, then fortifying the roots to make it suitable for new growth, and finally facilitating fresh growth
Although its difficult but not impossible to stop genetic baldness, it takes a longer time to do this as compared to in case of other kind of baldness. Using HAIR GROW Herbal Oil you can first controls the hair-fall drastically and brings it to less than 100 hairs per day to control the further damage. Within 10 days of starting the application it lowers the hair fall and you no more see big bunches of hair strands falling. Further it strengthens the roots to make them capable of fresh growth ( acting like a revitaliser ) and finally starting growth of fresh new hairs with gradually leads to removal of bald patches. It works for both Male as well as Female pattern baldness

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